Dr. Plamen Russev

My life philosophy is rather simple:

Life is not about scarcity of resources! Life is about the abundance of opportunities! They come through innovation and technology advancement. Thus I’ve committed my life to make them possible sooner!

Dr. Plamen Russev

Dr. Plamen Russev is a Bulgarian serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with over 25 years experience in tech and innovation and founder of one of world's largest and impactful communities of innovators, digerati and world leaders - Webit.

Currently he is executive chairman of Webit.Foundation - the organization behind the fastest growing tech events - Webit.Festivals and the Webit global community.

With the power of Webit and his personal global network Dr. Russev is changing the narratives about cities and entire countries building one of the most powerful marketing and rebranding campaigns.

Such example is Bulgaria. While in the past international media called Sofia "the capital of the poorest country in EU", today the same media (The Economist, Forbes, etc) attribute the new image of Sofia as "Digital Capital" to the role of Webit as catalyzer in establishing the city and the country "as a credible location for technology talent and investment".

Prime Ministers, Ministers, CEOs and Presidents of the world's largest and/or most innovative companies, scientists and investors are part of the global Webit community.

Dr. Russev has been appointed a GW Ambassador for Digital Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria, becoming the third such ambassador in the world.

Plamen Russev is featured in hundreds of international and local media and blogs including The Economist, Entrepreneur.com, Bloomberg, CNBCe, Forbes, Venture Beat, CNN to name a few.

Plamen Russev is a frequently charing / moderating panels and keynoting at major events on 4 continents.

His diverse background, education and investments include digital health, AI, blockchain, exponential technologies, building global brand, empowering women in business and politics, creating and developing self-sustainable and growing entrepreneurial ecosystems, establishing cities and countries as innovation hubs, talent magnets and investment destinations.


  • Goodwill Ambassador for Digital Affairs
    of Republic of Bulgaria
  • Executive Chairman,
  • Investor
  • Member of European Commission's
    EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.
  • Evaluator and Faculty Member,
    Medical School, Harvard University
  • Member of European Commission's
    AI Alliance
  • Founder, Founders Games - one of the world's
    largest Startup Challenges
  • Founders and Chairman of
    Blockchain Governance Forum
  • Founder of a number of tech companies (some with successful exits)
  • Boad member and advisory roles in over 20 organizations
  • Memeber of a number of international associations and industry organizations
  • Founder and Chairman, 1NN0NAT0 | Innovation Hub


  • Doctor Honoris Causa
    of VFU, Bulgaria
  • Doctor Honoris Causa
    of UDABOL, Bolivia
  • Top 3 Blockchain Investor for 2018 by CCForum
  • Awarded by Financial Times, Google, Respublica and Vishegrad Fund among the 100 New Europe Innovators.
  • Special Awards for overal commitment to the develpment of the digital economy of Bulgaria by BWA.
  • Award by the Government
    of New Zealand.
  • A number of international Digital Industry awards.
  • Best Selling Author - business literature for the book Power to the People.
  • Award by the Bulgarian Economic Forum.


  • B.Sc from Varna University of Economics
    in Marketing and Management.
  • M.Sc from Sofia University in Mathematics
    and Informatics, e-Education.
  • Ph.D from Medical University of Varna. Doctorate Thesis:
    Digital Solutions for Managing Health and Social Challenges.


  • Serial Entrepreneur with proven success record in developing business ventures in multicultural and challenging business environments.
  • Investor in tech companies with special interests and experience in Impact Investments in Healthcare, AI, IoT and as well as in eSports, VR and Real Estates.
  • Sitting on the board of a number of companies in different locations around the world.
  • Founder and Executive Chairman of Webit.Foundation and the Global Webit Series. Webit stands for a one of the largest global communities of digerati, academic, policy and enterprise leaders, investors and founders from over 100 countries. Webit also hosts events (5 annually in Sofia, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore and New Delhi) attended by several thousand to 15 000 business people, academia leaders and policy makers from all around the world.
  • Member of a number of international academic, IT, marketing and non-profit organizations and trade associations.


  • „Sofia – Digital Capital of the New Markets“ is a brainchild of Plamen Russev. The Project is positioning Sofia as a digital and tech hub for the CEE region and beyond.
  • Author of the book „Power to the People“ (bestseller in Bulgaria).
  • Author of industry reports.
  • Author of the "New Doctrine for Intelligence Specialisation of the countries from the CEE region".


  • Working as partner of governments and their initiatives in Bulgaria, Turkey, Dubai, Singapore and India for boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems, innovation, technology transfer; building links between academia and industry; attracting investors, entrepreneurs and enterprise to the selected locations

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Anthony Psacharopoulos

“Plamen is a natural leader with a strong vision for the development of the Internet industry across the CEE region.”

Anthony Psacharopoulos, Senior Vice President, comScore, Inc.

Diego Semprún de Castellane

“Plamen is a top performer in Education & Promotion of Internet in Eastern Europe. He is a person of choice if you plan to introduce yourself or your company to the emerging markets"

Diego Semprún de Castellane, Managing Director, EMEA Emerging Markets, Nielsen Online

Andy Chen

“A charismatic leader and visionary evangelist in the digital industry, Plamen has created not only a great conference but more importantly a community of business and thought-leaders in the EMEA region to collectively accelerate the growth of digital and innovation.”

Andy Chen, Vice President of Digital Sales and Media, MTV Europe / Viacom Brand Solutions International

Tom Bowman

“Plamen has become a focal point for the rapidly growing Central and Eastern European digital industry. Through activities such as the excellent Webit Congress, and because of his energy, collaborative approach and vision, he is both speeding the growth of this sector and bringing valuable international awareness and interest. I am honoured to know him.”

Tom Bowman, VP Strategy and Operations, BBC Worldwide

Steffen Ehrhardt

“Plamen is an impressive pioneer/evangelist for the online industry in Region. He is a very important driver of the industry in the region with a very strong vision and a focus on doing businesses on scale which is especially important in a region that consists of a lot of countries.”

Steffen Ehrhardt, Project Manager & Product Specialist Emerging Markets, Google

Rossen Plevneliev

Plamen Russev is one of the pioneers and he works for the sake of Bulgaria to help the country build its reputation in the digiatl and tech fields. His vision for the digital future of Bulgaria is also mine!

Rossen Plevneliev, President of Republic of Bulgaria

Alain Heureux

“A trully professional energizer for the Digital Industry in the entire Region”

Alain Heureux, President, IAB Europe and Belgium

Power to the people - the new marketing

Power to the people - the new marketing

The best selling book "Power to the People - the new marketing" is a guide to creating online identity and engaging in conversation. It reveals a step-by-step process of successfully using social media for business.

In the first part @Plamen Russev explains the social media phenomenon. The second part provides precise guidelines to creating both a personal profile and a brand page. Althouh we all know how to do that, if you read the book you'll understand why some are more successful than others. The third part is dedicated to a comprehensive plan for creating a social media marketing strategy. The forth and last part of the book provides proven tools and solutions of successful online reputation management.

"Power to the people - the new marketing" is published by e-Academy - the EU-certified educational institution for professional online business and digital marketing education.